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Powering Imagination

Eric Bartsch at CCG is working with Powering Imagination as their COO. Powering Imagination was founded by Erik Lindbergh, grandson of aviation pioneers Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, to use advances in aviation to inspire sustainable solutions across the broader fields of Energy and Transportation. Powering Imagination has a portfolio of programs including: global aviation […]


Open Innovation Training – March 12 & 13, 2014

Eric Bartsch at CCG will be teaching another session of Open Innovation training in March 2014 in Chicago, IL. This 2 day course covers strategies and tools for integrating external resources with your internal innovation capabilities, to increase your capability to produce breakthrough new products. This course is being offered through Marcus Evans professional training. […]

Innovating in Electric Aviation

Eric Bartsch at Chanute Consulting Group recently completed a temporary executive leadership role with GreenWing International (GWI) / Yuneec to lead their manned electric aviation program in the US as it transformed from an R&D project into a refined aircraft design, ready to be displayed to the public. Eric had the privilege of working with […]

Innovation and the structure of the US economy

There has been a lot of recent discussion on the role Innovation plays in the future health of the US economy. Creating jobs requires us to create whole new industries and new types of jobs. Historically this has been what has propelled the US economy and middle class and we urgentlyneed new types of high […]

CCG is working with Yuneec to bring Electric Aviation to market

CCG is proud to be working with Yuneec, one of the pioneers in electric aviation, to bring electric powered flight to market. CCG will be working with Yuneec to help lead the transformation of its electric flight program as it’s five year research program now becomes a global business pioneering the sale of clean, affordable, […]


Meaningful Differentiation – The common goal for both Strategy and Innovation

A good Strategy is critical to creating a successful business. Likewise, Innovation plays a key role in the long term success of most profitable businesses. However, neither Strategy or Innovation are an end in themselves. Both are methods for achieving something far more important: Meaningful Differentiation. Meaningful Differentiation occurs when customers see a worthwhile difference […]

Innovation Leadership & Customer Focused Open Innovation – March 7th & 8th Chicago

Eric Bartsch at Chanute Consulting Group will be teaching a course for Marcus Evans Professional Training on: “Leading and Implementing Customer -Focused Innovation” during March 7th and 8th 2013 in Chicago IL. Benefits of attending this comprehensive course include: Understand the most productive applications of Open Innovation (OI) processes for your business Form more productive […]