Innovating in Electric Aviation

Eric Bartsch at Chanute Consulting Group recently completed a temporary executive leadership role with GreenWing International (GWI) / Yuneec to lead their manned electric aviation program in the US as it transformed from an R&D project into a refined aircraft design, ready to be displayed to the public. Eric had the privilege of working with and leading an outstanding team of aviation professionals around the world on this amazing project.

These innovative planes went through substantial modifications and improvements during the middle of 2013 to be ready for their appearance at AirVenture 2013, the largest airshow in the world. GWI’s eSpyder was the first electric aircraft in the world to be featured in a multi-plane formation demo team. The two planes at the show made a total of 12 flights in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators who saw the planes, but couldn’t hear them as they flew overhead silently. The development of the eSpyder is a major step forward in the development of electric flight and the future of the aerospace industry.

GWI is the leading program in manned electric flight, and Plane & Pilot magazine’s November 2013 issue covers the revolutionary experience of flying one of these innovative, clean, quiet electric planes.