Innovation is a term that means many things to many people, and it frequently gets confused with Ideation, Brainstorming, or Invention. At CCG we have refined a definition of innovation that has proved relevant across a wide variety of businesses and product categories. There are three elements that must be present for a business to be innovative:

Generating new ideas
or solutions that…

Solve problems
for customers…

Resulting in profitable
business results

A failure to achieve any one of these three elements results in a lack of true innovation. Innovative organizations are able to generate new product concepts/manufacturing processes/business models that solve problems that are meaningful to their customers, that result in profitable business results. This leads to an ongoing, sustainable model for achieving business success.

Whether your approach to internal innovation needs a boost, or you have projects that could benefit from external resources, CCG can accelerate your innovation output. We bring experience developing and launching innovative new products that have created billions of dollars of sales across a wide array of markets.

Our pop-up innovation teams leverage a network of professionals who can Research, Design, Engineer, and Prototype new product concepts without requiring a significant investment of internal resources. This solution is ideal for businesses requiring added bandwidth, or new skill sets outside the core competencies of their existing teams.

For more information about assistance with your Innovation Strategy, Click here to learn more about how CCG can work with you to take your innovation capabilities to the next level. For assistance with specific projects where CCG can create external teams to drive development programs in areas that are outside your core competencies, Contact Us to discuss your specific needs.