About Chanute Consulting Group

Chanute Consulting Group was founded in 2012 to provide clients with solutions for achieving their growth goals through Strategies, Business Models, and Products that create meaningful differentiation in the marketplace, driving business results.

CCG has worked with clients in North America and Asia ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar corporations. Client industries include: Aerospace, Consumer Products, Drones, Education, Insurance & Financial Services, Lighting, Manufacturing, and Mobility Solutions.

CCG Projects Have Included:

  • Facilitating Corporate Strategic Planning

  • Creating pop-up innovation teams to design, develop, and prototype new product concepts without requiring resources from the client

  • Development of strategies for adopting new technologies to achieve competitive advantages

  • Strategic financial modeling to drive decision making and selection of appropriate business models

  • Assessment of organizational structures in the context of strategic goals, to align structure and strategy

  • Interim executive roles to augment leadership teams during times of transformation