Electric Flight

Electric and hybrid-electric propulsion offers clean, quiet options for transforming the future of aviation and mobility. Just as the jet engine provided a step change over piston powered aircraft, electric drive systems will change how aircraft perform and operate. As the industry evolves, new types of aircraft will emerge, bringing new capabilities that don’t exist in the current market.

Over the past decade, Eric Bartsch at CCG has become involved in the strategy, leadership, development, and commercialization of electric flight technologies through a variety of projects ranging from micro drones to flight testing of manned electric aircraft. As the electric flight industry grows, CCG can combine this industry-specific expertise with our depth in: business leadership, strategic planning, and commercialization of innovation; to assist pioneering companies in this growing industry with achieving sustainable business success. Eric has a diverse background of executive leadership, technical, and consulting roles in the field of electric flight that can be leveraged to accelerate progress on your electric flight program.

  • As a General Manager in the hobby industry he was responsible for putting millions of small-scale electric flying machines into the skies.

  • In an interim executive role he led the development, flight testing, and marketing for one of the pioneering manned electric flight programs including:

    • Leading the team responsible for refinement and flight testing of multiple operational electric aircraft prototypes
    • Fielding the world’s first electric-powered formation airshow team at AirVenture 2013
    • Personally logging flight time as a pilot of one of the early electric aircraft
  • As co-founder and COO of Powering Imagination, an electric flight advocacy organization, Eric worked with its CEO Erik Lindbergh to advocate for a clean quiet future for electric and hybrid-electric flight. This program collaborated with the National Park Service and Embry-Riddle to create a research aircraft for the development of quiet flight approaches.

  • In consulting roles Eric has worked with innovators in drone technology on hybrid VTOL / Fixed Wing platforms and the creation of intellectual property around efficient reliable approaches for new types of aircraft. He has also worked with the insurance industry on business strategies for deploying drones to enhance their ability to assess damage and rapidly address the needs of their customers.