Open Innovation Management – Training Opportunity – May 29 & 30 Chicago, IL

Eric Bartsch, President of Chanute Consulting Group, will be teaching a 2-day course on Managing and Optimizing Your Open Innovation Portfolio for Marcus Evans Professional Training. The course is offered May 29th & 30th in Chicago IL.

The course will give its attendees insight on how to:

  • Know when and how to use different types of OI partners
  • Understand how to manage a portfolio of initiatives and resources that are both internal and external
  • Understand and mitigate some of the most common pitfalls encountered when involving external resources
  • Evaluate their existing innovation strategy and identify what parts are best addressed internally, and where OI is best
  • Assess their internal innovation program to focus OI initiatives productively without duplicating efforts
  • Understand the cultural aspects of successfully integrating external organizations into your innovation strategy
  • Manage a portfolio of innovation initiatives that require internal and external resources
  • Ensure that the success of their innovation initiatives is not limited by the capabilities within their current organizational structure

A few spaces are still available but the class is filling quickly. Interested attendees should contact: Marcus Evans Professional Training