Innovation Leadership & Customer Focused Open Innovation – March 7th & 8th Chicago

Eric Bartsch at Chanute Consulting Group will be teaching a course for Marcus Evans Professional Training on: “Leading and Implementing Customer -Focused Innovation” during March 7th and 8th 2013 in Chicago IL.

Benefits of attending this comprehensive course include:

  • Understand the most productive applications of Open Innovation (OI) processes for your business
  • Form more productive partnerships for external R&D
  • Avoid common pitfalls encountered when involving external resources
  • Integrate the needs of your customers into an innovation program
  • Understand when the voice of the customer may lead in the wrong direction if used inappropriately
  • Use Open Innovation (OI) to more efficiently find better solutions for customer needs
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities for external collaboration
  • Link innovation strategies directly to business results
  • Identify the right external partners for OI initiatives
  • Assess their internal innovation program to focus OI initiatives productively without duplicating efforts
  • Explore and discuss innovation trends outside the classroom in downtown Chicago while exploring breakthroughtrends in Consumer Electronics, Fashion, Architecture, Consumer Products, Financial Services, and Retailing

For more information on availability, course content and registration, please contact Emily Jones at:, 312 540 3000 ext. 6714.