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Eric Bartsch – Keynote speaker for the University of Illinois Annual SWE Professional and Alumni Brunch – Dec 1st

Eric Bartsch at Chanute Consulting Group will be delivering the keynote presentation at the upcoming Society of Women Engineers Professional and Alumni Brunch on December 1st. The theme of the brunch is: “A Lifetime of Innovation” and the topic of Eric’s presentation is: “Innovation Leadership Principles – Why They Matter in a Career in Engineering” […]

Understanding Michael Porter – Great Overview of Strategy and Competition

Anyone involved in strategy has been exposed to Michael Porter’s work, but we could all use a periodic review of his contributions to understanding competition and strategy. Joan Magretta has provided us with a great refresher course on the best of Porter in her book: Understanding Michael Porter. http://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Michael-Porter-Essential-Competition/dp/1422160599 If it has been a while […]

The Only Three Questions That Count – The Wisdom of Ken Fisher Applied to Innovation Strategy

As innovators, we know that it is often productive to look for new connections between previously unrelated industries, technologies, markets, etc… I was recently re-reading a very good book on investing strategy and it struck me that it contains some very applicable lessons for innovators. The book was Ken Fisher’s “The Only Three Questions That […]

With innovation, how much measurement is enough? The Heisenberg uncertainty principle applied to innovation & measurement

A good article was posted on the Board of Innovation forum, titled: “It’s Time to Count” http://growthsci.com/blog/time-to-count/?goback=%2Egde_1807116_member_120607789 The article discussed the need for innovators to do a better job of keeping “count” of how they are doing. This is a worthy challenge, but it isn’t without it’s pitfalls. My response is attached below and I […]

CCG Innovation Blog – Top 5 Factors in Creating a Pipeline of #innovation – #CCGInnovationTop5

Differentiating a company’s value proposition from its competition is one of the most strategically important things an executive team can do. Innovation is what leads to differentiation, and as long as there are competitors seeking to add to their value propositions, the need for ongoing innovation never ends. Achieving a sustainable pipeline of innovation requires […]

The Link Between #Strategy and #Innovation

I recently finished “The Lords of Strategy” by Walter Kiechel III, and it is an interesting read for anyone wanting to understand how we got to the current understanding of the role of strategy in building a business. It also paints an interesting picture of the key individuals and firms involved in creating the strategic […]